The following four questions were recently submitted to Rep. Royce on contentious issues and he responded as follows (The questions are in bold type and Rep. Royce’s responses are in italized type):

1. The National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) allowing for the incarceration of Americans without due process of law (indefinite detainment clauses/provisions of the law). Question: Is/was Rep. Royce in favor or not and why? ( )

Mr. Royce voted in opposition to the NDAA because he was philosophically opposed to it.

2. The nomination of the two new persons by President Obama to be one of the seven governors of the Federal Reserve. Specifically their “neutrality” politically, and their likely position/effect on current Fed Policy stances (QE II etc) ( )

The Federal Reserve was complicit in the housing bubble by running interest rates at a negative level for four years straight during the boom. Instead of mitigating, this policy exacerbated the boom and subsequent bust. Today they are busy devaluing the dollar by kicking the printing presses into overdrive to “stimulate” the economy. Unfortunately this has produced little in terms of economic growth but has done a lot to devalue the dollar. If there were ever a time for a course correction at the Fed, it is now.

3. President Obama’s soon to be requested $1.2 Trillion increase in the debt ceiling (noting this was agreed upon in the settlement in August) and his thoughts on the next round on this issue in early 2013?( ).

This reaffirms the need for Washington to address its spending problem. Our national debt now exceeds $15 trillion. It is hurting the economy and will hurt future generations. Instead of embracing the real reforms necessary to correct this problem, this President has borrowed, taxed and spent more than any other president before him. Basic math shows that our nation cannot afford another four years of this president.

4. The payroll tax 2 month accommodation signed into law right before Christmas. Specifically, the wisdom of extending the cut for 2 months which just brings the issue back in a short while. ( ).

House Republicans have been fighting to lift the crushing burden of debt, rein in the burdensome regulatory regime, and help generate greater certainty in the economy. This two month deal illustrates how our efforts have been met with resistance and a desire to maintain Washington’s status quo.

This two-month extension would not have been necessary if President Obama and the Senate leadership had been willing to stay in Washington to work out the differences. They have shown a lack of leadership, and have created uncertainty for families, job creators, and seniors.

To get a reaction form a fellow Patriot, I asked Connie Lanzisera, an Orange County California Tea Party Patriot activist, what she thought of Rep. Royce’s comments. On Question 1 she said, “Rep. Royce’s opposition vote to the National Defense Authorization Act aligns to ensure American citizens their liberties. Unfortunately, the majority of Congress, the Senate, and the President did not.” With regards to the question on the new proposed Federal Reserve appointees, she urged Rep. Royce to lead the charge to correct the course at the Fed. On question 3 (the requested $1.3 Trillion increase in the debt ceiling), Mrs. Lanzisera added, “and yet Congress has continually voted to increase the debt limit too”, and then asked the question, “When will Congress also take blame for our spending addiction.” Finally, on question 4 (the two month payroll tax reduction extension) she added, “”This problem illustrates how the Republican members of the Congress are always on the defense. Always blamed by the Democrats that Republicans want to shut down the government. So the Republicans cave into the demands of the Democrats. I wish the Republicans would adhere to the values of conservatism.”

This citizen journalist truly appreciates the responses to our questions given the questions were posed during the holiday season and Rep. Royce responded timely, and we especially applaud him for his positions.

As an aside however, the responses which are very positively received from a Tea Party Patriot standpoint serve as an example of the difficulty of submitting any question to someone for publishable commentary. The answers while laudable were not exactly answers (in all cases) to the questions asked. They were related answers just not spot on to the questions asked. Now I don’t mean that he purposely avoided the questions (i.e. Question 1’s answer while short, was a complete answer to the question asked). No, I think it is an combination of Mr. Royce answering lots of media questions, not having all that much time to focus on the question asked, of being careful about not commenting on tentative appointments (i.e. Question 2: The new Fed nominees), and also, of being careful about commenting on Republican leadership strategy and tactics (Question 4: Payroll tax cut extension compromise). I just regret the situation in today’s political discourse (thinking here of the Presidential debates) that doesn’t allow for follow up questions or insistence on getting answers to the questions asked, or at least getting a statement from the candidate declining to answer a politically loaded or inappropriate question (because declining to answer is a legitimate response.)

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