Last Friday, at the Tea Party Patriots’ second Freshman Orientation for Members-elect in Washington, attendees were honored by the presence of Rep. Louie Gohmert (R-TX). Rep. Gohmert, who has pushed for balanced budgets since he entered Congress in 2005, spoke about the dangers of Washington group think to America. According to Rep. Gohmert, he saw this group think within his first weeks in Congress, when a member of the House leadership told Rep. Gohmert that the misleading budget system in Congress was “the law,” forgetting that Congress can change the law.

Rep. Gohmert spent much of his time speaking about this form of budgeting, known as “baseline budgeting.” Baseline budgeting basically assumes that budgets always grow, which allows the media and proponents of unaffordable government spending to say cuts to the baseline, or growth in spending, are cuts to the budget. As Rep. Gohmert explained, this is not the case, and he is the sponsor of legislation that passed the House which would make zero-based budgeting – the budgeting used by families across America – the law of the land in Congress. Unfortunately, that legislation is being held up in the Senate.

Please take the time to see Rep. Gohmert’s comments in full here, or at the embedded video below.