It is widely expected that the Supreme Court will hand down its decision on Obamacare either on Monday or Thursday of this week. Once the decision is announced, news will begin moving very quickly and your effort to ensure full repeal will be more critical than ever.

This post provides you with a number of resources in preperation for the decision as information becomes available. We all must be prepared to combat the leftist PR machine.

First, Tea Party Patriots will be holding 2 events following the announcement of the decision. If you live within a 2-hour drive of the Washington DC area, please sign up today for the Minutemen program. Immediately following the decision, we will alert the Minutemen to come to DC for a press conference on the steps of the Supreme Court. The press conference will be held just a few hours after the decision to make sure our voice is heard. Your presence at the court on this historic will provide a counter balance to the hired activists of the left.

Additionally, Tea Party Patriots will hold a Tele-Townhall meeting within 48 hours of the Supreme Court decision. You can sign up now for this free Tele-Townhall where you’ll hear from Jenny Beth Martin, Tea Party Patriots Co-Founder and National Coordinator anday cited guests: Senator Rand Paul, Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli, Congresswoman Michele Bachmann, and Congressman Steve King. They will discuss the implications of the decision and the next steps to health care reform. Click here to sign up to be notified for the tele-townhall.

This weekend the Wall Street Journal had a good background piece that lays out the four most likely outcomes for the Supreme Court:

Scenario #1: The entire law is upheld.
Scenario #2: The insurance mandate is struck down, but the rest of law stays.
Scenario #3: The mandate and two related provisions are struck down but the rest of the law stays.
Scenario #4: The entire law is struck down.

The article is worth reading to get an understanding of the most likely outcomes.

Another great resource is This is live blog that you can check during days the Supreme Court is announcing decisions to get up-to-the-minute information on what decisions the Court is announcing that day.

And just a few hours after the decision is announced, there will be a Tweet Up on Twitter from 1:00-2:00 pm (EST). The hashtag #judgementday will be used on a “Tweet Up” of health policy scholars, activists, opinion leaders, and think tankers. It will be a chance to ask scholars questions about the decision and discuss the real health reform that comes next.

And finally, check out the Heritage Foundation blog the afternoon following the decision. It is likely that the decision will be a very complicated ruling and take hours for lawyers and policy experts to analyze to determine what the ruling will mean. The Heritage Foundation blog will have experts reading through the bill and posting as information comes available.

We hope you will find these resources helpful as we prepare for the Supreme Courts ruling on Obamacare.