Since the start of the Tea Party Movement, politicians in both parties have found it convenient to blame you whenever the Beltway Bubble is pierced. This hit something of a climax last year, when Tea Party-minded Members of Congress held strong against a no-frills debt ceiling increase. If you’ll remember, the word “hostage” was thrown about.

Well, now principled opposition to increased taxes is being used by House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) to say the coming fiscal cliff won’t be avoided. In other words, Rep. Pelosi is holding the middle-class hostage on tax increases in order to eke out a little more from the wealthy.

Tea Party Patriots already know this won’t work, but here’s a little recitation of three top reasons:

First, the taxes Rep. Pelosi wants to raise would cover less than two percent of the next decade’s spending.

Second, the wealthy pay the highest tax rates in the country.

Third, most of the wealthy are the investors and job creators in America. Why should they be punished for success?

Unfortunately, Rep. Pelosi is letting partisan politics get in the way of real tax reform, reform that would eliminate tax loopholes for the wealthy, middle class, and poor. These loophole eliminations would provide leverage for lower overall rates. As our economy boomed from a new, economically efficient tax code, everyone would benefit. Oh, and the deficit would go down as tax revenue for the federal government increased.

But no. It appears that the Minority Leader in the House of Representatives would rather hold the middle class hostage, then pull the figurative trigger to cause a great deal of harm for the middle class she claims to care for, than push for legitimate tax reform. Such is the state of Washington today, and why the Tea Party is more important than ever.