Patty Gives Vets Benefits, Girls Contraceptives, and Republicans Play Games.
July 25, 2011. By Larry Killion, Tea Party Patriots Citizen Journalist.

The E-Newsletter from the Honorable Senator Patty Murray (D-WA) came out today with three main items in it.

First, Murray took a slap at the Republicans again. This time she accused the Republicans of not stepping up in Congress and governing. She implied that she was working hard to forge compromise and avoid a default on our national debt and was deeply upset that the Republicans introduced a plan that would balance the budget. She was against the Cut, Cap and Balance plan saying that it would be too hard on those that can afford it the least. After blocking all efforts from the Republican side of the aisle while offering nothing from the Democrat side of the aisle, Murray scoffed at the Republicans for wasting time and playing partisan politics.

Second, Murray played the vet card again saying that she successfully tabled an amendment by Senator Tom Coburn (R-OK) on the Military Construction and Veterans Affairs Appropriation Bill. The Bill finally passed without Coburn’s amendment in it. This is a bread and butter issue for Murray having majored on helping Viet Nam Veterans in all of her political campaigns. The Senator from Oklahoma also presented a plan called Back in Black it would reduce the deficit by nine trillion dollars. Murray was not in favor of that either.

Third, another political gravy train for Senator Murray is the issue of Women’s Health. Her voting record validates her pro-choice position and she recently supported recommendations by the Institute of Medicine to make insurance plans include a full range of contraception for women and girls at no added cost to them.
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