What’s worse than an imperial President and Washington politicians ramming an unconstitutional big government takeover of healthcare into law? When they collude with big business to pass the bill against the will of the American people.

Emails between the big drug companies and the White House have been released to the public that paints the picture of the back room deals and political payoffs that lead to the passage of Obamacare.

On Friday House Republicans released more documents that expose the collusion between the health-care industry and the White House that produced ObamaCare, and what a story of crony capitalism it is. If the trove of emails proves anything, it’s that the Tea Party isn’t angry enough.

The emails between Senior White House aids and Washington lobbyists and officials from big drug companies some of the biggest names in healthcare, show how big business and big government colluded to pass the unpopular bill. The drug companies wanted re-importation – something that Obama campaigned on – not be included in the bill. And guess what happened when lawmakers wanted to include re-importation in the bill?

The White House rode to the rescue. In September Mr. Hall informed Mr. Kindler that deputy White House chief of staff Jim Messina “is working on some very explicit language on importation to kill it in health care reform. This has to stay quiet.”

PhRMA more than repaid the favor, with a $150 million advertising campaign coordinated with the White House political shop.

This is exactly the type of backroom Washington deals and crony capitalism that that the American people reject. But while this ‘scandal’ has been reported, the bigger scandal is that fact that Washington isn’t surprised.

Mr. Waxman recently put out a rebuttal memo dismissing these email revelations as routine, “exactly what Presidents have always done to enact major legislation.” Which is precisely the point—the normality is the scandal.

To find out more about how big business and the Obama administration colluded to pass the unpopular Obamacare bill into law, check out this article from the Wall Street Journal and this CATO Institute report.

And if you aren’t already angry, watch this video from Candidate Obama talking about how he wouldn’t play games with the drug companies.