Students have the most to lose, both now and down the road. Many students are left with nothing but frustration and uncertainty as they see their dreams slip away. Education funding will likely decrease across the board, as states make cuts to pay for expanded government programs like Medicaid. Because of increasing costs and violation of religious freedom (not to mention Moral Consciousness), the Franciscan University of Steubenville was the first to drop school health insurance. Other religious institutions are expected to follow.

As a medical student, I worry about the future of health care. Health care decision making should be between a physician and patient, not by Washington DC. Increased government takeover will only lead to restricted access to care, as well as a decline in the quality of care. Like many others, my own dream about improving the lives of others is on the line as well. How is a person supposed to get better with restricted access to care!? To put it simply- They Don’t!

However you look at it, Obamacare comes back to bite you. The biggest impact Obamacare has had on students and young people is the weakened economy. According to Forbes, 60% of college graduates cannot find work in their field. CBS reports that a half of college grads can’t find full time jobs. Even the teen unemployment rate is three times the national average.

In the end, the added debt due to Obamacare will leave our generation with higher taxes and a weaker America. The window of opportunity to undo this nightmare is closing, fast. We must act now and restore the American Dream!


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