Move forward with what?…… More taxes? Higher national debt? Still more deficit spending? Higher gas prices? Higher energy prices? Higher unemployment ? More and more businesses closing their doors? More people losing their jobs? More people losing their homes? Higher and higher food prices? More and more people on food stamps? More people in poverty? More loss of our freedoms and liberty? More government regulations? More unpopular laws? More attacks on our religious freedoms? More shredding of our Constitution?
Obama and his corrupt gang from Chicago have seized power at an unprecedented rate, regularly skirting our Constitution with blatant disregard.

These far-left radicals now running our country will say and do anything and everything to remain in power. They will lie, cheat or steal to further their socialistic agenda. They have worked for too many decades to achieve the power they now have. They are not going to go quietly into the night!

No thank you, Mr. Obama, we don’t want you to “keep moving forward”! We liked America just fine the way it was before you came along to fundamentally change it!