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Back in August, the Labor Department advised defense contractors against giving layoffs to employees who would lose their jobs if sequestration took place. This advisement is possibly against the law, as the WARN Act requires a 60-day notice for all federal contractors who lay off employees. The Administration argued that since sequestration is uncertain, layoff notices would not be appropriate.

Why is this news? Because as Senator John McCain Tweeted  on Friday, those layoffs would have happened today. Four days before the election, possibly one million Americans would have been laid off, as per the law.

We can’t be certain of the President’s intentions regarding his decision to ignore the WARN Act, but considering that he decried employers who ignored it back in 2007, this is almost certainly a political ploy.

This is another reason the Tea Party is so necessary. Tea Party Patriots doesn’t like the Budget Control Act, which enabled sequestration. We opposed it prior to its passage last year. However, if Congress can’t even slow spending as proscribed in the Budget Control Act, how can we count on our elected officials to actually cut spending? The fact is that the record spending over the last five years must stop, but if we let Congress overturn the Act without actually implementing it, we allow Congress to fully avoid its duty to return to fiscal responsibility before it’s too late.