Tea Party Students Launch Petition Protecting Non-Voting Citizens from Taxation and Crushing Debt

Washington, DC – Today, the Tea Party Students launched the “No Youth Tax” petition to support an amendment to the U.S. Constitution which would outlaw Congress’ abusive power to indebt future generations, who do not yet have the right to vote for or against the accumulation of such debts and inevitable resulting taxation. Supporters can sign the petition at: NoYouthTax.com.

A proposed draft of the “No Taxation Without Representation” amendment reads:

“Upon the first day of the first year following the ratification of this Amendment, Congress shall not compel any citizen of the United States to pay for any taxation on the interest nor the principle of debts authorized before that citizen was eligible to vote for representation in the Congress. Only a formal Declaration of War by Congress shall override this policy, and only for war-related debts.”

“Involuntarily indebting children and disproportionately burdening future generations with what amounts to a ‘youth tax’ is anti-American, ageist and anti-youth,” said Danny Oliver, Founder of Tea Party Students. “We invite every American citizen to join us as we implore members of Congress who care about our country and our future to read, revise and ratify this Amendment.”

The petition has already been endorsed by the following organizations:

Young Americans for Mitt Romney
Hampden-Sydney College Tea Party Patriots
Tea Party Youth
University of Minnesota Duluth Tea Party Patriots
Iowa State University Tea Party
Brandeis Tea Party Nation
Dixie State College Republican Tea Party Caucus
Harvard University Tea Party
A-Team Tea Party Youth
College Conservatives

Tea Party Students (TPS) is the first and largest network of Tea Party students and student groups. An independent student advisory panel determines the message and movement of TPS based on the three core values of fiscal responsibility, limited government and free markets.

Visit the site at www.noyouthtax.com