Caleb Yee describes himself as “an ordinary 17 year old teen from Hacienda Heights California.” He does not consider himself political; he just thinks “the current generation should clean up their mess before handing it down to us.”


But, looking around his high school, he noticed that “none of my classmates really cared about our future.” That indifference drove Caleb to start the first high school tea party club. It wasn’t easy, and at least one parent threatened to pull their child out of his high school if the club were allowed to form. The teachers were not supportive either, calling the Tea Party “a bunch of teabaggers” directly in front of students.


That didn’t stop Caleb, though. In fact, he remembers feeling galvanized by the vitriolic opposition. His original plans included only his high school, but the attacks on his right to organize spurred him to look at a national perspective, leading him to launch The A-Team: Youth Tea Party Movement. He says, “You know that you’re winning a battle when you have people calling you old racist, angry, terrorist, red necks when in reality our club is composed of high school students with many different cultural backgrounds.”