OH, IN, IA, WI, FL, VA, NM Activists Scrutinize Performances of Candidates

 Today, local coordinators, state coordinators and other Tea Party Patriots (TPP) activists across the country, including in swing states, reacted to last night’s presidential debate.  TPP is the nation’s largest tea party organization with more than 3,500 locally affiliated groups.

  • “Those of us who have been paying close attention to this campaign know that the President has spoken vaguely and sparsely of his policies and goals, while focusing most of his attention on attack rhetoric and empty promises aimed at swaying the less-informed.  We, the informed, are not swayed.”  – Gregg Cummings, Midwest Regional Coordinator
  • “President Obama delivered another tired old smoke-and-mirror show.  Governor Romney offered clear, precise, and credible solutions to the country’s problems.” – Michael G. Hintze, Wisconsin State Coordinator
  • “If you judge the debate on which candidate put forth the clearest facts and figures, Romney won.” – Emery McClendon, Indiana Local Coordinator
  • “The Obama that showed up in this debate spouted the kind of class warfare liberals love.  But the fact is; punishing success and subsidizing failure is not something Americans want, and certainly not something we can afford.” – Ryan Rhodes, Iowa State Coordinator
  • “This debate showed media bias on parade.  The moderator gave the President at least 4 more minutes than Governor Romney, cut off Gov. Romney when he was making excellent points, and even helped President Obama in his rebuttals.” – Pam Wohlschlegel, Florida State Coordinator
  • “This election is still a choice between two different futures for our nation. The American people know and feel that our country is worse off now than it was four years ago.  In tonight’s debate, the President clearly said that, if re-elected, he would give us more of the same:  a government that is fiscally irresponsible and concentrates on growing the size and scope of government, instead of the free market.” – Rachel Proctor, Midsouth Tea Party & Tea Party Patriots Regional Support Team Member
  • “Once again, the moderator led the president to conclusions, fronting for him and helping him. But the rest of the debate was better, a good contest that further highlighted differences.” – Jim Bratten, Indiana State Coordinator
  • “The President said that he has been consistent. He is right. The President’s policies have consistently failed, causing further damage to our economy and to our country.  When it comes to economic policies, we don’t need an orator – we need a leader.” – Amy Brighton, Medina Tea Party Local Coordinator, Ohio
  • “Obama will not win on his personality this time.” – Diana Reimer, National Coordinator, Tea Party Patriots and Pennsylvania resident
  • “We have a President that insists that he wants to help middle income families, yet middle income has dropped over $4,000 annually.  We have a President who says he champion women, yet there are millions more women living in poverty than when he took office.  We have a President who insists he wants energy independence, but has fought it at every step.  We have a President who promised immigration reform, but has done nothing but punish those who protect our borders.  President Obama had a super majority when he became President, and did nothing.  What excuses would he have for the next four years?” – Marianne Gasiecki, Ohio State Coordinator
  • “Once again, President Obama should be ashamed for not being truthful with the America public. Obama claims coal production is up under his administration; in reality he has decreased nationwide coal production by 25% in less than four years. 82% of Ohio electricity is generated from coal-fired plants. Four plants have already closed under Obama’s watch and fourteen more are scheduled to close by 2015. Ohio families can’t absorb anymore of Obama’s ‘help.’” – Ralph King, Ohio State Coordinator