On this Memorial Day weekend, as I stood gazing over a field of flags waving gently in the breeze, my eyes filled with tears as I thought of all those who have lost their lives defending Her. To all the brave men and women who have served or are currently serving to defend our country, I give my thanks.

I wondered how Frances Scott Key must have felt as he penned the words of our National Anthem. Key, a young attorney from Georgetown, had gone out to a British war ship in an attempt to negotiate the release of a good friend of his being held prisoner. Key was able to secure his friends release, but the British told Key and his friend that they could not leave that day as there was going to be an attack on Fort McHenry that night. It would not be safe for them to leave. Young America has been having a rough time under British attack. Most felt that if the British were able to over-take Fort McHenry, the British flag would be flying. He stood on the deck of the ship and watched the British bombardment take place. Throughout the night he struggled to see through the smoke and light of the bombs. Key wondered if our flag would still be flying. It wasn’t until the first rays of daylight that he was able to see the tattered and torn American flag still flying. He wrote the words to what would become our National Anthem.

Contrast this to recent events in America. We have schools that have allowed the Mexican flag to be flown over the American Flag. We have students showing disrespect to the flag by flying it upside down. We see school administrators sending home students who wear American patriotic clothing because they do not want Mexican-American students to be offended. OWS protestors have destroyed and abused our flag and have spoken out against Her.

I don’t believe in being a hyphenated American. I believe you are either an American or you are not. There is only room for one flag to fly in this great country; the flag of the United States of America. I’m asking all American’s to let their voice be heard and stand up in defense of the beautiful symbol of of our country.

Fly Old Glory. Fly Her proudly.