Suzanne Guggenheim knows what economic collapse looks like. She grew up behind the Iron Curtain, born the day France was liberated from the Nazis. When she heard Rick Santelli’s now infamous rant in February 2009, she felt “from that very moment, every day of my life has been dedicated to find ways to get people informed and involved in what was going to be the leading force in Taking Our Country Back.”

Suzanne participated in the very first Houston Tea Party on February 27th, 2009. Immediately afterwards, she organized the Woodlands Tea Party Society; organizing 7000 members in just 6 weeks! Later on, she launched Texas Tea Party PAC.

She came to America because it is, “the land of freedom and personal responsibility.” Suzanne is dedicated to keeping it that way. She says, “I lived it, I know what socialism and communism look like.” When asked about her vision for the future of the Tea Party she replied, “I want us to change the political culture and become the spur [that] keeps our politicians honest and accountable.”