On Wednesday night we hosted the first in our Fall series of training webinars. The topic was Speaking the Language of Liberty and it was presented by Tea Party Patriots’ own Bill Norton.

Bill discusses some of the message testing that we have done over the last few months and how to speak with words that are uplifting and appealing. The language of liberty really is positive, uplifting, and forward thinking, so it should be used in such a way. Be sure to check out the archive of the presentation as well as download the additional resources.

This training series will change to Monday nights starting on 9/8/14 and will continue through 10/27/2014. To sign up for the rest of the series click here.

Tools and Resources:

Tea Party Patriots Training Videos

Tea Party Patriots Core Issues

PowerPoint Presentation
Don’t miss the next  in the series on Monday, September 8, 2014, at 8:30pm EDT.