Senator Patty Murray, (D-WA) Blames Republicans for the Problem
Larry Killion Tea Party Patriot Citizen Journalist. 7/15/11

Washington State Senator Patty Murray, Democrat, says that the U.S. Debt is the fault of the Republicans. She believes the purpose for her being there with them today in the House and Senate is to put together a deal to raise the debt limit. The Senator believes that somehow by raising the debt limit that will lower the debt. She actually used that terminology in the same sentence. It goes like this. First we acknowledge that we are in debt and cannot afford to spend or borrow like Republicans have done in the past. Then we find a way to let us borrow more money and increase our debt.

She said that all the Republicans want to do is cut, cut, cut, and America does not want that. Her main problem with the Republican approach to fixing the deficit problem is that they do not want to allow any taxes. She would have her constituents to believe that if only we would trust her and her Democrat friends in the Senate, they would only take from the rich and give to the poor. After all, it is not fair that the wealthiest corporations and individuals in our country go scot-free to enjoy the fruit of their efforts while middle class families, students and seniors bear the burden of the problem. Senator Murray lamented the high salaries of many of the CEO’s in our land, the very ones that provide jobs for our labor market, while saying in the same breath that she wants to address our nation’s jobs deficit. The way she wants to do that will actually make it harder for the job makers do make jobs. She would clamp down on them with taxes, fees, and more bureaucratic regulations and governmental controls. The idea seems to be that capitalism is evil and socialism is really the way to utopia.

According to Senator Murray, it is the Republicans that are willing to risk not only defaulting on our nation’s debts but the end of health care and benefits to veterans, pay for our troops, social security and Medicare for our senior citizens and it is all in order to defend what Murray calls sweetheart deals for corporate America and the most generous tax breaks for the wealthy in 60 years. These are some of the very same scary things that the President has talked about on national television but, wait – is it not also true that if these things are in danger, they are here and now being held for ransom by the Democrats unless the Republicans break their promise to the voters and permit our economy to be way laid with more taxes just when we need them the least? If the rhetoric about working together were genuine, shouldn’t the Senator move forward with the cuts in spending that are so obviously needed for the sake of actually taking steps to reduce our national deficit? That is the real issue. Not how to get more credit. Take the first step. Cut the spending. Have a tight cap on the credit spending. Then work on other ways to help balance the budget.