It’s the last Friday before the election. Only four more days (plus Election Day itself) to go!

We’re almost there, but we can’t rest now. We need you to keep making 25 calls per day to undecided voters to inform them of Tea Party principles. Many people are tired of the campaign season and the spin from PACs, campaigns, and media sources; your focus on principles will be a welcome relief.

But there is always more to do. Calls are important – critically so, in fact. However, so is coordination, so today Tea Party Patriots urges you to contact your local Tea Party coordinator to see what you can do to make sure Tea Party principles are well-represented on Tuesday.

Fiscal responsibility, constitutionally-limited government, and free markets were once what the United States was known for. It’s long past time to go back in that direction, and working with your local coordinator will help make certain we return to those principles as a nation as soon as possible.