One week ago, The Determinators landed in a well-attended movie theater in Florida, complete with coverage from Daily Caller, The Washington Examiner, and other media sources. Well, in four days, those of you who signed up for House Parties will have your chance to watch it as well!

As you know, The Determinators is the first movie produced by Tea Party Patriots. It examines the President’s health care law from the perspective of some of the nation’s best health care experts, including two who have experienced the Canadian and British health systems. It aims to educate potential voters on the consequences of the continued socialization of the American health care system.

How does this relate to you? Well, on October 17, thousands of Tea Party Patriots will be hosting House Parties in order to spread the truth to their friends and families. What we are hoping you can do today is invite five people to your House Party, in order to show them exactly what this election is about – continuing down the road to Europe, or returning to the ideals of America’s Founders.

We also need you to continue making phone calls from our Call from Home program. This is absolutely critical and it will have a huge impact in spreading our core values across this country.

As always, thank you for all the great work you do. Between calls, House Parties, letters to the editor, and all the other things you and your fellow Patriots have done in these last few weeks, it is only a matter of time before America returns to being America.