We are exactly THREE WEEKS from Election Day. Between phone calls, Get Out The Vote events, and other great efforts by thousands of Tea Party Patriots across the country, the principles of smaller government and free markets are being spread wide and far.

Unfortunately, as you all know, the work is not done. Tonight is the second Presidential debate, and tomorrow is the Patriot House Party at over 2,000 homes. The Parties will highlight The Determinators, Tea Party Patriots’ first original film. If you haven’t set yourself up for a House Party, find out if your fellow local Tea Partiers are having one and join them!

From now through the election, though, perhaps the most important thing all Patriots can do is make 25 calls per day to undecided voters. We are still hoping to reach our goal of 750,000 calls in four weeks, but we can only succeed if you keep calling. Please keep up the great work!

In addition to making calls and going to a House Party or two, we have one more request: please ask ten friends to “Like” our Facebook page. We have almost 897,000 Facebook friends, and it would GREAT to reach 900,000 by the time the election rolls around. Talk about showing the lie of the mainstream media – 900,000 Facebook fans is definitely evidence the Tea Party ISN’T dead.

We are asking a lot, but we know we can count on you. Thanks, as always, for the great work.