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Two years ago, right around this time, it was a hot election year. Everyone remembers – it was very much like the situation we are in right now. Tea Party Patriots was receiving thousands and thousands of emails per week. The majority of the emails were from people who were severely concerned about the future of our country. Some of them were trying to find ways that they could join the fight, some were offering their time or services, and some were sharing talents that they believed they could contribute to the movement.

One of these emails was from a musician in Nashville, TN, named Jamie Teachnor. He and his friend “Banjo” Ben Clark had recorded a song that they hoped would inspire people in the movement. At the time that I was reading the email I had no idea that Jamie and Ben were professional musicians, so I was a little skeptical. (I later found out that Jamie has had songs recorded by artists like Trace Adkins, and Ben had played in Taylor Swift’s band.) As a self-described music critic I had heard my share of songs written “for” or “about” the Tea Party Movement that in my eyes would be more likely to turn people off. My thoughts are that if you are trying to use culture to bring people into the movement, it has to be something that will resonate with people who aren’t currently in the movement. My simple test has always been, if I can’t imagine hearing this on the radio, then it probably isn’t going to achieve the goal of reaching people through popular culture.

So I took a chance and listened to the song, and I was pleasantly surprised. In my view, the song was spot-on in painting a picture of the sentiment that many Americans were feeling at the time. The song includes lines such as, “Mr. Politician you might want to listen to us now,” “We the People stood strong for way too long, so we’re never gonna stand for this,” and even the ever so popular mantra “Don’t tread on me.” Like the sentiment in 2010, this song still has the power to resonate with so many Americans who are concerned about out-of-control government.

A few weeks later Tea Party Patriots needed some musical talent for an event, so I reached out to Jamie and Ben and they came and played their song for us on Election Night – November 2, 2010. Jamie, Ben, and I have kept in touch since, and they recently informed me that their song was recorded by multi-platinum award-winning country artist Collin Raye.

So here’s a treat to all Tea Party Patriots around the country – Jamie and Ben’s original can be found here and Collin Raye’s version is at the top of the page. I hope this song will serve as motivation to you for the next 22 days. I also encourage you to call your local country radio stations to request that they play the song on the air so more people have an opportunity to listen to it. Thanks to Jamie and Ben for their passion and writing this song and thanks to Collin Raye for recording it.