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In the wake of the Supreme Court’s decision to uphold The Patient Protection and  Affordable Care Act (PPACA) known as Obamacare, Senator John Cornyn, R-TX, is ready to go full throttle down the Road to Repeal of this legislation.

Speaking to listeners of Austin’s KLBJ 590 morning radio show Friday morning, Cornyn said, “We’ve got to repeal it and replace it with a patient-centered bill, not a government takeover.”

Senator Cornyn  has opposed this legislation since its passage.  In February of this year, he and 42 other Senators filed a brief with the Supreme Court in support of the multi-state, bipartisan suit filed to challenge Obamacare.  The brief stated in part, “… Congress acted without constitutional authority in enacting the individual mandate of the PPACA.  In so doing it has damaged Congress’ institutional legitimacy and has triggered severe conflicts between state and federal governments that the Constitution was carefully designed to avert.  [Our] interest, therefore, is in preventing the long-term damage to our form of government that will result from the nature of the PPACA.”

The Tea Party Patriots national organization opposes the bill, stating on its website that “The Supreme Court Ruled Against the American People.  It’s time for the People to take action.”   Senator Cornyn concurs.  “It will take We the People in November to go to the ballot box.  We need the public highly energized to vote,” Cornyn said this morning.  He was disappointed by Chief Justice John Roberts’ ruling, and declared that if the people take action in November, in January the Senate could use the budget reconciliation process to eliminate the tax.

Obamacare has its strong defenders and opponents.   The Democratic congressional campaign committee website has a brief outline of what the Supreme Court’s Decision Means:

  • Children no longer being denied coverage due to pre-existing conditions (pg. 23)
  • Seniors paying less for prescription drugs
  • Students and young adults staying on their parents’ plans
  • Being a woman is no longer a pre-existing medical condition
  • Insurance companies no longer placing a lifetime limit on coverage (pg. 13)
  • Small businesses receiving tax credits if they choose to offer coverage to employees (pg 120)

The Galen Institute lists their most fiscally irresponsible items in Obama care:

  • employer mandate to provide health insurance or face fines (pg. 126)
  • religious organizations required to provide free services even if they violate their religious beliefs (pg. 178
  • Twenty new taxes on medical equipment, health insurance, home sales, etc. for a total of $500 billion  (pgs. 730, 735, 736, 739, 741, 749, 752, 753, 754, 764)
  • Medicare providers will see $575 billion in payment reductions
  • Huge deficits – the CBO has raised its cost estimate for the law to $1.76 trillion over ten years
  • At least 159 new government agencies, boards and programs will be implemented, all of which will need taxpayer funding (pgs. 69, 247, 321, 327, 372- 389, 387, 471, 609, 668, 672, 714, 726, 788, 861)

Neither website posts supporting details for their claims; relative page numbers from this reporter’s search of the bill are listed next to each item.  It should be noted that the mention of the small business tax credit on the DCCC list does not refer to the fact that they must qualify and are subject to a phase out of this credit based on average wages.

That Obamacare is a tax is now official, as is the fact of its trillion dollar price tag.  The question remaining is how the American people will respond in November, and if the bill remains intact how America will pay for it.

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