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Is there room in the current Administration for a business middle ground?  Does the support of hatred expressed for corporations help to expand a future economy?

The Occupy Wall Street protesters, who have been assembled by unions and supported by the Democratic Party, are expressing frustrations and fears of the tremendous challenges and demands of life in a capitalist society.   The extreme left is encouraging belief of unfairness and a denial that most people’s success is the result of many years of hard work.

Look around the community.  The local business people don’t travel by private jet.  They are not in the now famous 1 percent – a term being used to destroy achievement and hard work. The left refuses to use, as example for the American youth, those people who have struggled and worked and clawed to find a modest level of success.

Protesters, who hate the American system of self elevation, are not willing to undertake the life of a small business owner – the personnel headaches, the financial worries, and the effort to balance limited resources with quality service.  They don’t understand that every business person doesn’t wear a business suit or spend their days with their feet up on a desk, enjoying two hour lunches and altering lives like the leftist spin.  The Class Warfare of the left spins a belief that years of hard work for a modest level of comfort is no longer achievable – simply blame others for what they don’t have are and insist on change.

The playing field isn’t equal.  Some people are born into money and affluence, but the vast majority of Americans start with the same opportunities to launch a successful life determined by a direct correlation to how hard they work.

Honest protest for taking a stand is admirable, but a staged protest to achieve unconstitutional change throws the baby out with the bath water.  If protestors really want to effect change, they have to understand the movement starts with individual responsibility and commitment to hard work, not an expectation of entitlement.

– Bob Frey of Cumming, Georgia writes a weekly article for the Dawson County News and Advertiser. He is a Local Coordinator for the TPP and a member of the Dawson County Tea Party.