Fellow patriots, we won in Wisconsin, but we are not finished. While we do not know how the Supreme Court is going to rule on the question of Obamacare, we do know we are going to work for its full and complete repeal, and keep working until we succeed. As you know, Obamacare surrenders at least 17% of GDP to government control. It is politely referred to as a public-private partnership, but in fact, when government czars and members of the President’s cabinet are calling all the shots, there will be nothing left of the private health care market.

Our health care system was broken before President Obama, but Obamacare is simply increasing the crisis through more centralization, less personal responsibility and less freedom.

Obamacare also passed in the face of negative polls and protests against the government taking over 1/6th of the economy.

If Obamacare is allowed to capture the entire U.S. health care system, it will be terribly hard to reverse course. We have to stop it now. We have to go to DC to make our voices heard and we need you there, if you can possibly make it.  Obamacare must be repealed in its entirety now. This could be our last chance at full repeal.

We are on the Road to Repeal. Take up your signs and Bullhorns. Fire up your Facebook and Twitter accounts. Send emails to friends, letters to the editor, write your letters to your Congressional representatives and bring them with you to DC.

We have been there with you in this fight from the very beginning. If you can personally join us in DC when the Supreme Court announces its decision, then sign up here.  We need you to be able to get to DC within two hours because we need to be able to respond to the ruling very quickly.  Our plan is to hold a flash rally and press conference on the steps of the Supreme Court the day the decision is released. We have to have a presence there and even if it finds the Obamacare to be unconstitutional, it still must be repealed in full by the Congress. This is the message we must take to Washington and we want you to help us deliver it.

Sign up today!