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One day I expect to look in the dictionary and find Bank of America listed under Crony Capitalism. This is a company that posted quarterly loss after loss when the government bailed them out. This banking giant, despite the fact that they had just received a $25 billion dollar bail out, agreed to purchase Merrill Lynch. After realizing how staggering Merrill Lynch losses were, Bank of America then decided to back out of the deal. However, according to sworn testimony our government threatened to remove the banks board of directors and management if they didn’t complete the purchase of Merrill Lynch. After receiving over $100 billion in taxpayer bailouts and having a Treasury Secretary threaten to remove top executives if they didn’t run the bank correctly, I really wonder who is in charge here.

Fast forward to 2012 and find Bank of America telling McMillan Firearms Manufacturing (after doing business with BofA for 12 years), that they no longer wanted McMillan as a client. Why? Because they were in the firearms manufacturing business. When does a bank turn down profitable business?

I believe that EVERY American who believes in the U.S. Constitution should close their personal and business accounts at Bank of America. If you own guns or not, it does not matter. This bank is in cahoots with an administration who is set on taking away our second amendment rights.

Remember, Bank of America was one of the first financial institutions to allow illegal aliens to open checking accounts and get credit cards. They are knowingly aiding illegal aliens who have broken our immigration law. BofA has also removed American Flags from their locations for fear of offending customers. I question the kind of America Bank of America is promoting.

Is this the type of company you want to do business with? It is these ‘little’ things that are coming together to rob us our freedoms as American citizens. Do the right thing, do not bank with Bank of anti-America.