Much has been said about the so-called War on Women.  But most women across America want the government to get out of the way so they can raise their families and do their jobs as responsible Americans.  They don’t want or need the government to pay for birth control or anything else!

Women Warriors are asking every woman who believes in fiscal responsibility, capitalism, and Constitutionally-llimited government to reach out to their sisters, friends and relatives to get commitments to vote in the upcoming election.  Every vote will be of utmost importance on November 6th!

28% of women with conservative values did not vote in 2008.  31% didn’t vote in 2010!  Every vote is needed this election to guarantee America continues to exercise free-market principles.

Women across America will commit to get out the vote from their friends and relatives on Saturday, October 27th.  Please visit Woman Warriors for more information on the project.