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By Connie Lanzisera

Taxes! Everyone pays them, right? Wrong. Forty-seven percent of Americans do not pay federal or state income taxes. In fact, a percentage of these non-taxpaying Americans actually receive a refund. How is it possible to receive a refund when no payment has been made in the first place? It is called the earned income credit. The earned income credit is the method by which the government gives back money it never received. The very definition of refund, according to Merriam Webster’s Dictionary, is repayment. Therefore, the government isn’t giving a refund; they are giving welfare in another form.

Yet these non-taxpaying individuals use our nation’s resources just like taxpaying Americans. These same individuals are still entitled to use federal and state roads and schools. These individuals are granted the same protections from our military. They are allowed to visit federally supported national parks, airports and post offices. Federally funded Pell Grants are also available to non-taxpaying individuals

The biggest insult of all, with this system, is these individuals are actually allowed to vote to increase my taxes. How is this possible? Well, in California, when the state wants to increase taxes, a ballot initiative is put on the ballot. All registered voters can vote. However, since you and I pay our taxes, we have a vested interest in the outcome of the vote. Not so for the 47% of individuals who do not pay taxes. They do not have a financial interest in the outcome. Therefore, why wouldn’t they vote to increase taxes? They won’t have a tax increase, as they do not pay taxes. Taxpaying Americans must shoulder the responsibility to pay all of America’s expenses. Forty-seven percent do not share in this responsibility.

The 53% of actual taxpayers must reject the inequality of a system that punishes taxpaying Americans. I resent a system that bestows voting privileges to one group of people at the monetary expense of another.

  • I reject – that 47% of Americans do not pay federal or state income taxes.
  • I reject – that I share the burden, with other taxpaying Americans, to pay taxes for the 47% of Americans who do not pay.
  • I reject – that some of the 47% may get refunds.
  • I reject – that in order to provide entitlements to some, I must pay a portion of the interest in order to borrow the money for these entitlements.
  • I reject – that the 47% of Americans who do not pay federal and state income taxes are able to vote to increase mine.

In order to provide all Americans the same benefits of this exceptional country; all Americans must shoulder the responsibility.

Connie Lanzisera is the Local Coordinator of Tea Party of North Orange County in Brea, CA