While we continue to see bad news coming out of DC due to a lack of people taking a principled stand, we want to highlight some good news about a local principled stand which resulted in a victory for Christmas!

Cowering to the threats of one resident and a national Anti-Christian group, Freedom From Religion Foundation, City Manager Hank Angelo & Mayor Dan Pocek of Bedford, Ohio ordered the Nativity Scene at the Bedford City Hall to be taken down.  

Upon learning of this, Co-Founder of the Cleveland Tea Party Patriots and TPP Ohio State Co-Coordinator, Ralph King, a life-long City of Bedford resident, immediately contacted many of the council members in the effort to have the Nativity display put back up.

In these conversations with Council members, it was learned that they were not notified by City Manager Angelo or Mayor Pocek prior to the Nativity display being removed.  

The council members, while agreeing the Nativity display should not have been removed and a principled stand “should” have been taken, they were resigned that since it has been taken down, and fearful of a lawsuit over Separation of Church & State and costly litigation, there was nothing they could do to reverse this decision made without their approval. In short – they were going to do nothing about it!

Though one councilman, Greg Pozar, a Tea Party supporter, agreed that a principled stand must be taken.

With the support of Councilman Greg Pozar to launch an effort to have the Nativity display put back up at Bedford City Hall, CTPP Co-Founder Ralph King contacted current and former City of Bedford residents and launched a phone call campaign to the Mayor’s home and City Hall.

Packing a council meeting with outraged residents and Channel 3 News, the residents were ready to stand strong in defending their rights and fight this uphill battle.  During the council meeting, the Law Director announced that because of the calls they received, the Nativity display would immediately be put back up!

With this announcement the council chambers erupted in Holiday cheer and Christmas was saved in Bedford!

Here is the Channel 3 Report:

Ralph King is the Tea Party Patriots Co-State Coordinator in the state of Ohio.