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Today is Day 4 of the 12 Days of Solutions. We’ve talked about the Penny Plan and tax cuts. Yesterday we highlighted the Heritage Foundation budget plan, which aims to Save the American Dream.

 Today, we are going to focus on downsizing government across the board. There are multiple organizations dedicated to this goal, but few are more thorough than the libertarian Cato Institute.

According to Downsizinggovernment.org, a project of Cato, the federal government can downsize pretty much every department and agency in existence. Here are a few examples:

  1. According to Cato, the Department of Transportation spent $90 billion in Fiscal Year 2011. Cato recommends cutting all but a few billion of this spending, and writes “[T]he most important thing is to end federal subsidies for transportation activities that would be better handled by the states and private sector.”
  2. Cato outlines of over $131 billion out of a FY2011 budget of over $142 billion.
  3. Almost 18% of the Defense Department’s non-war spending would be cut over the next decade if Cato’s suggestions were followed.
  4. Cato suggested $81 billion in non-Medicare and Medicaid cuts in 2010. While this would not make a significant dent in long-term entitlement costs, it would help push off the day of fiscal reckoning.

These and other suggestions aren’t even being discussed in most Washington circles, yet they are necessary to the future of America. Right now, Washington is instead talking about raising your taxes. Apparently, the hard-earned income of average Americans doesn’t belong to us… but instead to the special interests that have long controlled D.C.