Yesterday, Tea Party Patriots launched 12 Days of Solutions, designed to provide Tea Party Patriots with the weapons to challenge the status quo in Washington. That status quo says cutting spending is unnecessary, but it is necessary to take more of your tax dollars for an inept bureaucracy to spend.

Over these 12 days, we will mix in both policy ideas and specific policy plans. Yesterday, we talked about the Penny Plan. Today, we’d like you to call your Member of Congress and urge him or her to support lower taxes across the board.

Why is this important? As Democratic President John F. Kennedy showed in the 1960s and Republican President Ronald Reagan again showed during their respective presidencies, lowering tax rates is good for the American people and the federal budget. The people are able to earn and save more, and the federal budget deficit is smaller due to the economic strength that comes from lower tax rates. These tax policies were major reasons why the economy was stronger after tax cuts were in place than those years immediately before the tax cuts.

Unfortunately, Washington appears to have a poor memory for the facts. With Obamacare about to institute more taxes in 2013 and 2014, and tax rates about to go up as a result of various Bush-era, stimulus, AMT and payroll tax changes, the American people face a great deal of harm from the federal tax code. Rather than continue to take our money for inept bureaucratic spending, however, we urge Congress to actually look at plans that would aim to cut spending – such as the Penny Plan this blog highlighted yesterday – and lower taxes.

When it comes down to it, the federal government has a spending problem, not a tax revenue problem. If spending was within constitutional limits, well over 40% of the federal government would not exist, and we’d have a balanced budget and strong economic growth. Which is why this is a perfect time to focus on helping the American people through tax cuts, not focus on taking more money from the American people.