On September 11, 2001, terrorists seized control of four planes, violated the airspace over two of our biggest, most protected cities, and smashed two planes into the twin towers of America’s financial system and one into the Pentagon.

It was eleven years ago today but it feels like it was just yesterday. For a time, our differences didn’t matter much in this country; we were Americans standing against a threat.

Tea Party Patriots was founded on the principles of free markets, fiscal responsibility, and constitutionally limited government. On 9/11 it wasn’t big government that stopped the only plane that didn’t reach its targets; it was ordinary Americans. That day, it was the firemen and police officers and other local people in New York and Washington who did what was necessary while the federal government was trying to shake off its shock. While 9/11 transcends politics, as it should, we need to always remember that on one of its worst days America was not propped up by government. It survived and moved forward because of the people who love it.

Eleven years ago today was one of the toughest moments in our history and now it will forever be remembered not only as a moment of our greatest sorrow, but also as a moment of our greatest resolve. Forever we will remember, never will we forget.

May God Bless America.