Sadly, the following quotes and links are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the lying, cheating, and corruption of the left and their attempts to steal the election. While there are many more news articles and commentary about what is unfolding right before the American public, the resources below are a good start.

It becomes obvious very quickly that the Democrats and their pals in the media are projecting, gaslighting, and creating a narrative now to will help them to steal the election later. Get informed, and then make sure others are informed as well. And if possible, make sure to vote in person on or before November 3rd!


Hillary Clinton advising Joe Biden, “Whatever happens, do not concede defeat on the night of the Nov. 3 election.”

Former Defense Secretary James Mattis said that “collective action” might be needed against President Trump.

“Democrats are laying the foundation for weeks of post-Election Day intrigue, protests, and maneuvers to defeat Trump by claiming that whatever else happens on Election Day, Biden will win when the surge of mail-in ballots is counted. Thus, if Trump appears to have win on Election Night into the following early morning, it will be illegitimate. Biden will win, we just need to count all the mail-in ballots, the argument goes, no matter how long it takes, even if it’s weeks or longer. That will set the stage for fights by Democrats to count late and non-compliant ballots in Democrat areas, and a mad rush to courthouses around the country to find a judge who will order such ballots to be counted.”

John Kerry warned of “revolution” if Trump wins.

“In the days or weeks afterward, a Trump victory will be beaten back and undone as mail-in ballots tip the election for Joe Biden, predicts New York Times columnist David Brooks… Many Dems don’t want Election Night certainty. The DNC and allied groups are in court now suing to require that even ballots postmarked after Nov. 3 or lacking signatures are counted.”

“One of the tricks this operative and his cohorts used was to go door-to-door to collect completed absentee (now called “mail-in”) ballots as a public service. They would steam them open and replace Republican ballots with Democrat ballots, then reseal them and drop them in the mail. Once they reached the elections office and officials matched the signature on the outer envelope with the voter rolls, they simply dropped the fake ballots into ballot boxes with real ballots to be counted. And voilà. Another technique was to employ partisan mail carriers to harvest absentee ballots in Republican areas and simply dump them in the garbage. Another was to “harvest” absentee ballots in nursing homes, being careful to help invalids fill them out the “correct” way. Yet another was to pay the homeless to vote.”

New York Post: “Confessions of a voter fraud: I was a master at fixing mail-in ballots”

“The Democrats are no fools. They know that, in the event of a tainted Democrat victory, Trump would be in his rights to refuse to acknowledge a corrupt and misbegotten result and would have every incentive to initiate a legal battle protesting an electoral travesty. Consequently, the Democrats have developed the strategy of accusing Trump of intended malfeasance before the election has even been held. Sensible people suspect that the Democrats seem poised to steal the election and to pre-empt what would be the president’s legitimate refusal to credit a falsely democratic coup d’etat. On this account, the Democrats are setting up the President for dereliction of duty in order to disguise their own duplicity. It’s quite perfect: conspire to steal the election while preventing the injured party in advance from exposing or contesting the fraud.”

“The Red Mirage theory, that Trump will have a significant lead on Election Night, but will lose when mail-in ballots are counted, is the excuse for Democrats to spend weeks trying to count ballots in Democrat areas that arrive late or that don’t comply with the rules, and to disqualify valid ballots in Republican areas.”