You Did It!


You did it, Patriots. While the fight to defund Obamacare is still on, you stopped the House from gimmicking Obamacare funding:

House leadership has decided to delay the vote on a bill funding the government to next week amid a small rebellion from conservatives who want to use the measure for a do-or-die fight on repealing Obamacare.

Your work was critical:

…[T]he pressure from the outside is intense. An email blast from the Senate Conservatives Fund practically shut down congressional phone line yesterday and the outside groups are not planning on letting up.

The battle isn’t over yet – the CR had 200 “yes” votes, which means only about 30 Republicans opposed it – but this is a good sign that if we can keep our allies holding strong, they can force the House leadership to finally listen to the grassroots.

Here is the key: It appears Democrats don’t like the CR because it keeps spending at sequestration-dictated levels. We cannot let the House give up on sequestration to get Democratic votes. Make sure your Representatives know they should pass a CR that has both sequestration-level funding AND no Obamacare funding.