Will Pelosi Act on the Shush Fund?


If the #MeToo movement permeated the U.S. Supreme Court nomination process and advocates were demanding transparency and justice then, why aren’t they doing the same thing for the congressional shush fund?

Congress used taxpayer money to quiet sexual harassment and other claims of officeholders, and the Democrats who backed the #MeToo movement barely spoke on the issue. Is incoming House Speaker Nancy Pelosi—who preaches for “transparency” and “justice” — going to take action on this issue?

Tea Party Patriots Citizens Fund Chairman Jenny Beth Martin called out Pelosi in a statement last week:

“Nancy Pelosi’s first priority upon taking office must be naming the names of the incumbents who took advantage of the special ‘Shush Fund’ to muzzle women who had legitimate claims against them. They used taxpayer money to buy silence. Ms. Pelosi has been outspoken for decades on these issues, but if she doesn’t follow through — now that she has the power to do so — she will be part of the biggest cover-up in history, and her credibility on anything else will be zero.”

If the Democrats want accountability, they should look no further than their own branch. Not only are those claims being swept under the rug, Congress is using taxpayer dollar bills to help sweep the claims under the rug.

Pelosi has an opportunity in the new Congress to act on this issue. If she doesn’t move to immediately disclose the names of those in Congress who used the fund, then she loses all credibility calling for justice and transparency.