Why We Fight: A Symposium


Today, Tea Party activists across the nation mourn the deceased and wounded in yesterday’s bombings at the Boston Marathon. However, we cannot allow this loss to paralyze us against the political threats we face. As such, many activists are continuing today’s planned #DCIntervention against those who subvert our Constitution and our natural rights – without transparency and public input.

With the launch of these protests, Tea Party Patriots across the country are continuing the proud American tradition of standing up against a corrupt, overreaching national government. In times as tough as these, it’s sometimes hard to be optimistic. With this in mind, Tea Party Patriots is proud to publish the following symposium from activists across America, entitled “Why We Fight.”

It’s not easy being a Tea Party activist. It includes sacrifice of sleep, travel, family time, personal health, and more. These activists are just a sample of the sacrifices every single Tea Party Patriot has made over the last four-plus years. Here are their stories.

Mark Herr, Midsouth Tea Party, President of the Tennessee Center for Self Governance:

I engaged in the Tea Party movement in 2009 when, to my shame, I finally realized we are on the verge of losing Our Republican form of government. When an instituted government can write a check for $1.5 trillion dollars to fix the mistakes it created, then the creature is no longer being controlled by its Creator. The Constitution is the social contract between the People (the Creator) to create and institute a government (the Creature). We need to regain control of Our Creature!

I am sacrificing ALL of my life, treasure, and reputation to regain control of this Creature. If we do not succeed then mankind’s last hope (the United States of America) will be fundamentally transformed from a nation of Powerful Citizens into a nation of mindless Citizen Slaves.  What is your choice?  As for me – I will seize Liberty and I will Self-Govern!

Dee Park, Chair, Moore Tea Citizens, North Carolina:

Moore TEA Citizens has just held its 5th annual Tax Day Rally.  That’s why we were formed in 2009 – to proclaim to America that we are TAXED ENOUGH ALREADY.

We expect to go to the Capitol tomorrow for a rally with AFP and then to go to Senator Hagan’s office.

Gun control and immigration reform are at the top of our agendas – we’ll have copies of the U.S. Constitution with us to give those we see at the Capitol and in Hagan’s office.

Matthew Vermillion, Oklahoma State Chairman, Tea Party Patriots:

I got involved in the Tea Party Movement over 4 years ago because I was tired of seeing out of control government from my local school board all the way to the White House. Our founders gave us some great documents that they had already debated and discussed and then finally came together to sign and agree that this would become the law of the land. And with that they gave limits to what our elected officials can and cannot do. But over the last 100 years we have allowed those who are elected to convince us that they had our best interests at heart.

I could not look myself in the mirror knowing what I was leaving for my son and possibly his children and grand children.

I have been so involved that my health has been affected. In Dec. of 2011 I was in the hospital for 3 weeks with a virus in my leg. I got out went in to therapy to try and walk again and after a few months was put back in the hospital because I had stones in my gall bladder – it had to be removed, and I was sick thereafter for several months. In June of last year I started back on my road to recovery. I am able to get in a wheelchair and stand for a few minutes. Throughout this process I lost my job and my insurance.  But even with all that I believe that we are responsible for ourselves and that we help each other and we do not fully rely on the Government for the answers.

I read the biography of Dietrich Bonhoeffer, a German pastor who stood against the Nazis. He said “Silence in the face of evil is itself evil: God will not hold us guiltless. Not to speak is to speak. Not to act is to act.”  This is my motto and it hangs in my house with a picture of Bonhoeffer in my house for all to see.

Emery McClendon, Local Coordinator, Indiana:

I got involved in The Tea Party Movement and became an organizer because I have a deep concern as to the direction of my country. I have been involved in patriotic endeavors for a long time, and being a Black Conservative I am bothered by the lack of concern and misinformation in the black community and our fellow citizens in general.  I want to change the way that the low-information minority person feels about our Constitution and the important issues.  It bothers me that the so-called leaders in our community are leading people in the wrong direction.

Understanding true American values is important to the future of our freedom and liberty, and all people deserve to be aware of the riches that our Founders put into our Constitution. Our future depends on our individual responsibility, our free-market system, and minimal government intrusion.  As Americans understand these principles thy will truly realize what it means to enjoy freedom and liberty.

I have spent countless hours speaking, attending rallies, and leading causes that I hope will enlighten my fellow citizens. America and our future generations of children deserve to have the same America that we enjoy. They can only do this if we guard our Founding Principles and pass them along to them.

Amy Brighton, Co-Coordinator, Medina Tea Party Patriots, Ohio:

When you watch those in Washington chip away at our country’s foundation with out-of-control spending and unconstitutional power grabs, it’s disheartening. As a citizen, I had a choice to be silent and ignore the problem, or to speak out and help ‘keep the Republic,’ as Ben Franklin stated. I chose the latter by getting involved in the tea party movement.

The freedoms and liberties outlined in the Constitution are worth fighting for – they are the keys that fuel America’s exceptionalism. If we lose them, then we lose our nation, and I cannot let that happen. I love my country and the Constitution too much to let some power-hungry, elite ruling class in Washington destroy them, which is exactly what they are doing.

Since those who bravely went before us pledged their lives, their fortunes and their sacred honor, shouldn’t we do the same? The answer for me is a resounding YES!

Jim Bratten, State Coordinator, Indiana:

I got involved in the Tea Party movement after watching the steady slide to the left under Bush (GW) and then the severe lurch toward insanity after the elections of 2008. The lack of respect for 230+ years of history and success, the ignorance of the Founding and the Founders’ intent, the disrespect for the American people and their prosperity – it all drove me to action, to do what I could to save the country. We face two generations of citizens who have been un-educated as to what an American IS and what Americanism means.

I revere and treasure the Constitution of the United States. I call it the owner’s manual for the country, and by reading it and the Declaration of Independence, a person of average intelligence can learn how to maintain the country and its mechanism. The reason this country has remained free and we have our Liberty under the Rule of Law is because of the Constitution. It MUST be protected and preserved for our children and their children. I am a Ronald Reagan conservative and believe we must return to basic First Principles if we are to survive as a free people.

The Obama Administration (and its supporters in the House, Senate, and federal, state and local bureaucracies) is an ideological government whose purpose is central control over the populace and sole determination for its future. “They” must be defeated.