Why we continue to fight for our freedoms


Today is Bill of Rights Day — the day our Bill of Rights was ratified! It’s a day that reminds us of what we almost lost, what we gained and what we continue to fight to protect.

Once America fought and won independence from England in 1776, the states began working on their state constitutions. Modeled by John Locke’s philosophies on classical republicanism and liberal theory, the states created their constitutions which reflected on how the federal Bill of Rights would be constructed. In 1789, James Madison began drafting the amendments from proposals made in the state ratifying conventions. By 1791, the ten amendments were ratified and have been the foundation of our great nation for the last 226 years.

In recent times we have seen more challenges to our rights, especially our right to free speech, our second amendment right and our protections from unreasonable search and seizures. The American Dream is about freedom and we at Tea Party Patriots want to work to protect those freedoms that make America the great nation.

Today reminds us of what our Founding Fathers created to ensure that our freedoms would never be violated again and reminds us of what we must continue to protect. Patriots, continue to fight for your freedoms and we’ll be alongside you to ensure you have personal freedom and economic freedom.