Why Obamacare will Fail in 2 Minutes or Less

Real Clear Politics has two videos outlining why Obamacare is likely to collapse, and how the collapse of Obamacare is impacting the immigration debate.

First, George Will notes that one of the most necessary things for Obamacare to be remotely functional is young people signing up – and he points out that “young people are not gonna sign up if they can do basic arithmetic, which they can.”

Exactly. What young person, especially the oft-unemployed young person, is going to pay far more for insurance than necessary, when the penalty for not signing up is a much smaller amount?

Second, Brit Hume has a far longer, but just as important, analysis on unintended consequences. From the Real Clear Politics’ transcript:

The problem is we’re dealing with two laws, we’re doing the health care law and the law of unintended consequences. And the unintended consequences abound here. Nina just mentioned one of the important ones is that, you know, businesses are changing their hiring practices to try to avoid having enough employees to be under the mandate. So you’re getting part time work, an explosion in the hiring of part-time workers. Well, this is certainly not what the administration intended or the Democrats in Congress who rammed the bill through intended. So this is a situation where the law as written probably can’t work. Pieces of it sort of fall away or be postponed or whatever. So, you know, some legislative changes in effect, or I think the whole thing may simply collapse.

No one in government can claim ignorance. The Administration and Congress’ Democrats were warned by business owners, Tea Party activists, and many others that this law would fail with disastrous effects. They ignored us, and now everyone seeing the consequences of ramming through a law that is large, centrally controlled, and vaguely written.

Moving on to immigration “reform,” we’re back to Will’s closing in the above clip. From the transcript:

Why indeed not suspend the individual mandate? Because the law doesn’t provide it? The law means nothing to these people. And by the way, this is why Cokie, this is going to affect the immigration debate. Because the House Republicans are going to say, no matter what we write in the law, this administration will waive any provision it doesn’t like.

Yup. This Administration runs by fiat instead of following the rules and laws of our republic, and so far Congress isn’t doing its duty to stop it.

Your move, Congress.