“Why is Obama doing this?”


Last year Karen – a single mom with two girls – faced incredible financial hardships due to the job-stifling healthcare law.

“The job I originally had cut [my] hours, so I took another job, which I thought was full-time, meaning 40 hours. But no, full-time is now 30 hours – thanks to Obamacare,” Karen stated.

Like many companies in this new economy that has been transformed by Obamacare, the nursing facility she worked at was keeping employees under the 30-hour threshold. With no healthcare coverage and no way to afford an individual policy, the Nebraska resident desperately fretted about what she was going to do.

“I had no insurance. Since I made $9.50 an hour, I couldn’t afford it. This worried me day and night, thinking about the fines that I would have to pay,” explained Karen.

With Washington demanding that people ‘get covered’ or pay up, the frantic mom often wondered, “Why is Obama doing this? I’m poor.”

For Karen, it was difficult meeting basic needs. In order to survive, she blew through her savings, racking up debt. To add insurance on top of that would have been merely impossible. Sadly, many people are facing the same situation – Obamacare is simply unaffordable for their limited budgets.

“This newest monthly Kaiser Health Tracking poll, which has provided some of the most reliable data on the public’s opinion interaction with the Affordable Care Act over the past four years, finds that nearly 4 in 10 uninsured adults cited affordability as their main reason for skipping health insurance coverage. Twenty-two percent cited employment reasons (they were unemployed or couldn’t get coverage through their job), while another 11 percent said they missed the deadline and 9 percent said they just didn’t want insurance.

And how much of a motivator is Obamacare’s individual mandate? When Kaiser asked people about the requirement to have insurance, it didn’t change their affordability calculation much — 36 percent cited affordability as their main reason for staying uninsured.” [1]

Thankfully, Karen’s story doesn’t end here. The hard-working mom was able to find full-time employment within her field.

“I’m making more money now, and I have insurance. The kid’s are on their dad’s insurance for now until I get back on my feet,” she shared. “If I can just dig out of debt, I will be back on track, I hope.”

A new chapter and beginning – Karen is grateful for her position as an Activity Director for a nursing home, but is frustrated that she had to undergo all these struggles. Obamacare stemmed from a law that nobody wanted, and has crippled the people it was touted as saving.

“I like the job I’m at now, but I loved the one I was at before. Because they couldn’t pay me [for more hours] or pay for insurance, I had to leave a job I loved. I was taking care of the elderly, and I loved it. It was like leaving your family,” she said.

Knowing what she went through, Karen’s heart goes out to those who are still waiting to fall on good fortune, yet having to comply with Obamacare’s burdensome mandate.

“It’s not fair to push this [Obamacare] on anybody,” she exclaimed. “It is just awful. This is America where we have freedom, and Obamacare is taking that away.”

While the worries of not having insurance are behind her, Karen is still concerned about the direction of the country and how it will affect workers like her. “I’m still scared about the economy with Obamacare and everything else that’s going on. I’m an Activity Director. It will be one of the first [positions] to get axed.

For a law that was supposed to offer affordability and piece of mind, it’s provided neither.