What’s wrong with the CRomnibus


Last Thursday night, the House of Representatives voted to approve a massive spending bill, informally known as the “CRomnibus” (a combination of CR, or continuing resolution, and an omnibus bill). The 1,600-page bill was only released late on the preceding Tuesday night. Just as we saw in 2010 with Obamacare, the House chose to vote on a bill before reading it or giving the American public time to understand what exactly the bill says.

The Tea Party Patriots’ support team members have been reading the bill for the past few days and we have learned just how awful this bloated spending bill really is. Among the information we have learned:

• The bill fully funds President Obama’s illegal executive amnesty;
• The bill contains $1.1 trillion dollars of spending;
• The bill gives every federal employee a raise. That means that even the IRS employees who colluded to target tea party conservatives will receive a raise.
• The bill contains numerous crony deals, built-in bailouts, and payoffs to Wall Street, and large corporations;
• The bill continues to fund Obamacare.

For these reasons, and for many other reasons, Tea Party Patriots opposed the bill. We have worked this week to educate our supporters and to encourage grassroots activism to voice our collective disappointment and frustration about this massive spending bill.