What’s the cost of keeping illegal immigrants in America?


A caravan of 4,000 immigrants is making its way to the southern U.S. border and there are many reasons why Americans should worry. A recent Center for Immigration Studies report shows a surge in the number of illegal immigrants crossing the border as well as an increase in the price taxpayers are left to pay for illegal immigrants who stay.

The Washington Examiner has the details:

The net costs to taxpayers for every illegal immigrant who sneaks into the United States has reached nearly $70,000, about seven times the cost of deporting them, and about $70 billion, according to a new report.

And, according to federal Census data, the surge of legal and illegal immigrants across the Mexico-U.S. border has reached a new high since 2011 and matched the historic high of 1.75 million set in 1999.

The latest Census data from 2016 shows that immigrants continue to come into the United States, both legally and illegally, and the costs to taxpayers in enforcement and social services continues to rise — even when offset by the taxes they pay.

In two timely reports from the Center for Immigration Studies, the surge in numbers and price in the hit to taxpayers was revealed at a time when a new caravan from Latin America easing its way through Mexico is heading to the U.S. border and prompting threats from President Trump to block it from entering and ending birthright citizenship.

Forty-two percent of polled voters want Mexico to send the illegal immigrants on the caravan back to their native countries. If Mexico stands idly by, American voters will be watching how the administration responds; we hope President Trump remains strong in his resolve and keeps his campaign promises on immigration. Otherwise, law-abiding, taxpaying Americans will be forced to be financially responsible for incoming illegal immigrants.