What happened when the Tea Party came to Washington State

Join us as we celebrate the 4th Anniversary of the Tea Party with the 4Years4Liberty Money Bomb!

The Tea Party was founded to fight for the principles that made America great – those of fiscal responsibility, constitutionally limited government, and free markets. The fight started in the Beltway Bubble in 2009, but has expanded well beyond simply protesting corruption in our nation’s capital.

Since the 2012 elections, the media has declared the Tea Party dead. Apparently, they weren’t paying attention in Washington State on Election Day, where Tea Party Patriots helped raise awareness about the importance of our founding principles. That awareness helped bring fiscally conservative candidates to Olympia in one of the bluest states in the country.

One of the best things about the Tea Party Movement is its lack of loyalty to any political party. We answer to the Constitution, not Democrats or Republicans. The American people tend to agree with us – Congress has had extremely low approval ratings for half a decade now, partially because of “Beltway loyalty” at the expense of the American people. Doing what is right is not popular with the D.C. crowd.

What we, and you, did in Washington State was unheard of. It took the media and political establishments completely off-guard, as Tea Party Patriots highlights in its newest video. Now, we are asking for your help again as we aim to raise $1 million dollars to bring power back to the people. Your contributions are invaluable.