Washington Shrugs while Americans Struggle

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“This law will destroy what’s left of the middle class and will lower healthcare services, while increasing premiums and putting bureaucrats who are not subject to this law in between me, my doctor and my bank account,” Sherry vented.

The self-employed Florida resident speaks from experience as she copes with higher premiums in an economic environment that provides little opportunity for financial growth.

“[I] tried to do the right thing and purchased a surgical/hospitalization policy with one wellness visit a year that includes labs, mammogram and colonoscopy. For my six-month premium, I was hit with a 22% increase, stating it was because healthcare costs had gone up,” explained Sherry.

As prices for gas and related-work supplies continue to soar, Sherry is doing her best to limit costs on her end, even to the point of scaling back travel for work. However, there are some things she simply can’t control – her skyrocketing premiums.

“Now I have to figure out what else I’ll have to sacrifice, or even if there’s anything left to sacrifice, in order to afford the insurance premium that is guaranteed to continue to increase. Heck, I can barely keep a roof over my head or gas in my car to get me back and forth to work,” she stated.

While she was able to keep her policy this year, Sherry knows it’s only time before her healthcare plan will have to comply with the law’s mandated essential benefits. “It’s not going to qualify, because it doesn’t have the basics in it. According to Obamacare, it is a substandard policy.”

For Sherry and many others, these substandard plans – as defined by the Administration – have provided affordable coverage. That is until Obamacare arrived. Having to forgo their financially feasible healthcare, people like Sherry won’t receive much sympathy from “compassionate” liberals like MSNBC’s Melissa Harris-Perry who advised Democrats to tell naysayers, “You can’t keep your crappy plan. Just deal with that.” [1]

Sherry’s insurance provider has given no indication of how expensive it will be to switch to an ACA-compliant plan, but she realizes her financial woes will only get worse as she already struggles to pay $130 a month.

“Wasn’t the whole point to get people insured and lower costs?,” Sherry asked. “Obamacare hasn’t accomplished anything that it was supposed to do. It’s made life more miserable, and it’s allowed the government to be more intrusive in our lives. It just needs to go away. They need to let America be America.”

The “shining city upon a hill” as President Reagan described it in his farewell address is quickly being dimmed by policies that are the antithesis of what made this country great. Sherry, who proudly served in the military, is disheartened by what she sees.

“I fear for America. I also fear for my niece’s 9-month-old twins because those kids will never have the opportunities for prosperity that made this country great, instead those kids are being born over $50,000 in debt to their so-called representative government, who in turn squanders their money,” said Sherry.

Incensed by it all, she noted, “Backing this damaging law illustrates how a majority of lawmakers have become elitists, having no regard for the American people they represent.”

While those in Washington (or MSNBC) may not care to deal with the ill effects of Obamacare, they will have to deal with angry voters this coming November.