Waiting for Justice

It should come as no surprise that most Americans want justice in the Internal Revenue Service targeting scandal. Thus, it’s not surprising that most think the Obama Administration has fumbled its “investigation.”

According to a recent Fox News poll, 67 percent of voters want Congress to continue investigating the IRS until “someone is held accountable.” Maybe they should be looking down Pennsylvania Avenue because almost half of American voters (49 percent) believe the Obama Administration “intentionally had the IRS target conservative political groups.” That includes 26 percent of Democrats, 71 percent of Republicans and 52 percent of Independents.

What’s more, 69 percent of voters don’t feel President Obama has followed through on his vow to “find out exactly what happened on this.”

The desire for justice is at the very heart of American society and our political founding. Thomas Jefferson was certainly motivated by justice when he penned the Declaration of Independence and listed grievances against the British king. The Founding Fathers recognized that justice would not tolerate the kind of tyranny that came with being British colonies, subjected to taxes without representation and oppression by a power-hungry king. So, things had to change.

It may be more than 200 years later, but that concept remains prevalent today. Tea Party Patriots believes in justice and the rule of law. When someone breaks the law, he or she deserves just punishment. And when innocent citizens are targeted by their government for no reason other than their political beliefs, those responsible for the targeting should also be served just punishment. As it stands, most Americans agree with us.

We want justice. The American people want answers. It’s time for the Obama Administration to move beyond politics and recognize this for the travesty it is. It’s time for the president to put as much thought into his IRS investigation and he does his political maneuvering. We’ll be waiting, and so will the majority of Americans.