Viral video calls for government accountability amid years-long IRS runaround


A viral video published Monday by the House Oversight committee documents the runaround IRS officials gave Congress following news the IRS targeted Americans for their political beliefs.

President Obama went on the record in February 2014 claiming there is “… not even a smidgen of corruption” within the IRS and yet congressional inquiries have apparently revealed otherwise.

IRS Chief John Koskinen told Congress the IRS would bend over backward to turn over all of former IRS Chief Louis Lerner’s missing emails regarding the targeting scandal, even stating the IRS spent $18 million, 250 staff members and up to 120,000 hours “responding” to congressional inquiries into the scandal.

“We’ve retraced the process for producing her email twice just to make sure that no email was missing. We understand the importance of this investigation. We’ve gone to great lengths, spent a significant amount of money trying to make sure that there is no email that is required that has not been produced,” Koskinen said.

Deputy Inspector General for Investigations Timothy Camus, however, found IRS officials didn’t actually look into ways to reproduce the missing emails …