Unleash America’s energy resources


On Monday, CNN reported that 2012 had the highest gas prices on record. While energy demand is down for a variety of factors, this still means those who travel by car are being punished for Washington’s unwillingness to unleash the true strength of our energy market.

Energy cultivation is a critical component to a prosperous, safe America. As Tea Party Patriots highlighted in our 12 Days of Solutions, expanding the use of America’s energy resources is a simple process:

Consider the economic boom that would happen if the following took place:

  1. More drilling in Alaska’s National Wildlife Refuse, among other places.
  2. The Keystone Pipeline was completed.
  3. Drilling permits for oil, natural gas, shale, etc. were common.
  4. The federal government eliminated subsidies to ethanol, oil companies, etc. – totaling billions of dollars.
  5. Fewer regulations against nuclear power plants.
  6. Green energy loans disappeared, such as the ones under the stimulus now being investigated.
  7. Elimination of tax credits, such as the billions for the wind energy industry.

If only Washington would act on these sound principles of smaller government, freer markets, and securing our national security. Countries like Venezuela, Iran, Saudi Arabia, and other nations would be deprived of funding for their anti-American activities. Billions of dollars in deficit reduction would come from more tax revenue, no more subsidies, and fewer bureaucrats working for the various Washington agencies that oversee energy. We could even lower tax rates slightly, as billions in tax credits wouldn’t be going out to special interests.

Most importantly, of course, Americans by the thousands could find jobs that otherwise wouldn’t exist.

A stronger economy, deficit reduction through tax revenue and spending cuts, enhanced national security, and more jobs for the American people sounds like a formula for success, even if the bureaucracy doesn’t like it.