UN gun treaty threatens constitutional rights


In the category of “a really bad idea” comes news that the President will sign a UN gun control treaty today:

This treaty is ostensibly aimed at putting an end to gun trafficking across international boundaries, and both Breitbart News and the NRA have argued that it will eventually require an international gun registry in order to be enforceable.

The ATT also provides the executive branch of our government with broad powers for controlling which guns do and don’t come into the country, and includes ambiguous language that a gun-control-friendly administration can use to its advantage.

The good thing here is that America still has her checks and balances. The Senate must approve this treaty with a two-thirds majority, and right now the Senate stands against such an unconstitutional treaty.

However, this treaty is now a risk at any point in the future for approval by the Senate. Make sure your Senators know you expect them to follow the Constitution, not an arbitrary international gun trafficking agreements. Especially after this same gun control-supporting Administration’s role in the Fast & Furious gun trafficking scandal.