Trump’s Supreme Court pick will uphold the Constitution; that scares opponents


Opponents are working overtime to make sure Judge Brett Kavanaugh doesn’t take a seat up on the U.S. Supreme Court. Unfortunately for Democrats, nothing damaging is sticking. Judge Kavanaugh will make a great justice because of his determination to uphold the rule of law and the Constitution – a problem for anyone who relies on the administrative state and using coercion to implement policy.

The Daily Signal has the story:

For those who rely on the administrative state and coercion as a policy tool—forcing people to join political organizations, forcing them to support abortion, forcing them to subsidize socially progressive sacraments, forcing them to create products that undermine their faith, and so on—that’s a big problem.

Some, such as former Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe, indulged in the histrionic rhetoric we’ve come to expect in the Trump era, claiming that Kavanaugh would “threaten the lives of millions of Americans for decades to come.” But almost none of the objections coming from leading Democrats have been even ostensibly about Kavanaugh’s qualifications as a jurist or, for that matter, his interpretation of the Constitution.

Normalizing the idea that the Constitution should be subservient to the fleeting will of politics and progressive conceptions of “justice” goes back to President Barack Obama, who promised in 2008 to nominate justices sharing “one’s deepest values, one’s core concerns, one’s broader perspectives on how the world works, and the depth and breadth of one’s empathy.”

The left hailed this position as proof of a thoughtful and moral temperament, when in reality it’s an ideological position that allows judges to arbitrarily create law and subordinate their constitutional duty to their personal worldview.

The U.S. Supreme Court needs a justice like Kavanaugh who will uphold the Constitution and the rule of law – a scary notion for those who intend to undermine the Constitution.