TOPLINE: Stuff You Need to Know for Tuesday, July 8, 2014

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Illness on the Rise: Cases of Scabies, Tuberculosis and Swine Flu All Reported at US Southern Border

“The ‘humanitarian crisis’ at the border may soon descend into a full-scale epidemic. Multiple anonymous and named sources (including a Border Patrol union) have confirmed that unaccompanied children illegally crossing into the United States are carrying with them all sorts of illnesses and diseases. Scabies, tuberculosis and swine flu have all been reported. What’s more, the close quarters and refugee camps in which these children are living in are becoming breeding grounds for infection, leaving border patrols agents, humanitarian volunteers, and children susceptible to contagion.”

If anybody asks why we need border controls, show ‘em this article.


A New Low for Liberals: Attacking Catholic Nuns Over Hobby Lobby

“I’m a big fan of absurdity in politics. But even absurdity has its limits, and the National Organization for Women has surpassed it in the wake of the Supreme Court’s decision Burwell v. Hobby Lobby. As part of its full-throated defense of ObamaCare’s contraception mandate, NOW has a list of what it calls ‘The Dirty 100’ – entities that have sued the Department of Health and Human Services and demanded exemptions on the basis of their First Amendment right to religious expression and the Religious Freedom Restoration Act (RFRA). …Almost square in the middle of the list, though, are the Little Sisters of the Poor. Who are the Little Sisters of the Poor? They are Catholic nuns, operating as a charitable organization on behalf of their community. The application of the HHS contraception mandate to practicing Catholic nuns who take vows of chastity is one of the biggest absurdities of HHS’ mandate enforcement anyway. Obviously, nuns aren’t clamoring for free IUDs and Plan B.”

You’re kidding. Nuns? Nope. Not kidding.


Our Roost, Obama’s Chickens

“Often, crazy things seem normal for a time because logical catastrophes do not immediately follow. A deeply suspicious Richard Nixon systematically and without pushback for years undermined and politicized almost every institution of the federal government, from the CIA and the FBI to the IRS and the attorney general’s office. …Barack Obama likewise has done some crazy things that seemed for years to have no ramifications. Unfortunately, typical of the ways of Nemesis (a bitter goddess who waits until the opportune moment to demand payment for past hubris), suddenly the bills for Obama’s six years of folly are coming due for the American people. When a president occasionally fails to tell the truth, you get a scandal like the monitoring of the Associated Press reporters. When a president serially fails to tell the truth, you get that plus the scandals involving the IRS, the NSA, the VA, Benghazi, and too many others to mention.”

Anybody want to see what the tab comes to?  Read this.