TOPLINE: Stuff You Need to Know for Thursday, August 7, 2014

Most in US Say Illegal Immigrants Threaten Way of Life, Economy

A majority of people in the United States say undocumented immigrants threaten their way of life and even the economy, according to a Reuters/Ipsos poll released Thursday. Seventy percent said they believe these illegal immigrants threaten U.S. customs and beliefs. Eighty-six percent of Republicans hold that belief.Nearly two-thirds said illegal immigrants are a burden on the nation’s economy, the poll found. …More people in New England oppose illegal immigration compared to the rest of the country, the poll said. Nearly 80 percent of people in that region said undocumented immigrants threaten U.S. beliefs and customs.

People need to rise up and make their voices heard beyond polls the media ignore!


Democrat Support for Amnesty Threatens Their Most Loyal Voters

In 1964, Malcolm X chastised black people for their blind allegiance to the Democratic Party. He said: “You put them first, and they put you last — ’cause you’re a chump. A political chump! …The Democratic Party embraces “comprehensive immigration reform,” which is code for amnesty, which, in turn, is code for “keep the borders porous so that we get a constant stream of new Democratic voters and cheap labor.” Attorney Peter Kirsanow, one of eight members of the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights, says that unskilled illegal aliens pose an economic threat to unskilled Americans, a disproportionate amount of who are black. Last year, Kirsanow, along with two other committee members, sent a letter to his congresswoman, Rep. Marcia Fudge, D-Ohio, chair of the Congressional Black Caucus. The letter advised Fudge and the rest of the caucus to oppose the Democrats’ proposed amnesty legislation. “Illegal immigration,” said the letter, “has a disparate impact on African-American men because these men are disproportionately represented in the low-skilled labor force.

Larry Elder nails it in his latest column in Human Events.


ObamaCare’s Inconvenient Truth

A news story from National Public Radio — of all places — shows the danger of equating health care insurance with health care access, as doctors start to turn away patients bearing ObamaCare cards. … Anyone who’s paid the least bit of attention to existing government health programs could have seen this coming. Medicaid faced a chronic shortage of doctors willing to accept their far-below-market fees even before ObamaCare dramatically expanded the program.

And more and more doctors refuse to take on new Medicare patients for the same reason. Now cancer patients in Nevada are learning that an ObamaCare card doesn’t guarantee them anything. That’s because none can now go to the state’s Comprehensive Cancer Centers after it dumped Nevada Health CO-OP — the only ObamaCare plan in the state it had contracted with — for routinely failing to pay bills on time.

Seriously, there aren’t enough Pinocchios to describe the lies Americans were told about this disaster.
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