TOPLINE: Stuff You Need to Know for Monday, July 7, 2014

Deportation Data Won’t Dispel Rumors Drawing Migrant Minors to U.S.

“… The number of immigrants under 18 who were deported or turned away at ports of entry fell from 8,143 in 2008, the last year of the George W. Bush administration, to 1,669 last year, according to Immigration and Customs Enforcement data released under a Freedom of Information Act request. Similarly, about 600 minors were ordered deported each year from nonborder states a decade ago. Ninety-five were deported last year, records show, even as a flood of unaccompanied minors from Central America — five times more than two years earlier — began pouring across the Southwest border. The previously unavailable deportation data are likely to fuel the political debate over whether Obama administration policies are partly responsible for the 52,000 children and teens who have surrendered to or been caught by Border Patrol agents since last October, spurring fresh concerns about U.S. border security and immigration law.”

The data in this LA Times story paints a sobering picture.


Source:  Feds to Bring in Riot Squad Against Illegal Immigration Protesters

“As illegal immigrants continue to spill across the U.S.-Mexico border, federal authorities are attempting to relocate the migrants from South Texas to housing facilities in states across the nation. One such facility is located in Murrieta, California, where a large group of protesters recently blocked a bus full of migrants from arriving. The protesters remain there, adamant that illegal immigrants don’t get dumped in their town. But soon the concerned citizens may be forced to step down–Breitbart Texas has learned that federal agents plan to arrive in Murrieta on Monday with riot gear to ensure that another busload makes it to the housing facility.  Jeremy Oliver, a resident of Temecula, California–a town that neighbors Murrieta–told Breitbart Texas that local police officers warned the protesters that ‘it’s going to get ugly.’”

It appears this story will not get any better until it gets worse.  The latest is here.


Bosses Bash Affordable Care Act: Report

“ObamaCare hurts businesses. That’s the result of an exhaustive study polling small to medium-sized businesses.

The controversial government health-care reform increases company and employee costs and sometimes stops companies from hiring as well, participants told the International Foundation of Employee Benefit Plans in its new study.

‘More than half of single employers believe the Affordable Care Act has had a negative effect on their company,’ according to the report. The survey, which polled some employers and their health-care pros, found that the majority of respondents, 54 percent, thought the effect of the ACA on their firms had been ‘negative’ or ‘very negative.’ The same respondents also expected that the negative effects from ACA would increase to 66 percent in the near future as the program unfolds. The survey also found that the ACA is hitting smaller employers — with 50 employees or less — ‘much harder’ than larger ones, even though they are not directly affected.”

More bad news for people seeking full-time employment.  the NY Post item is here.