Topline News – May 28, 2014

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Poll: A Third Of Workers Say Obamacare Will Delay Their Retirement

“Working Americans believe Obamacare will hike health-care costs enough to significantly delay their retirement, according to a poll released Tuesday.  Thirty-three percent of workers believe that higher health-care costs courtesy of Obamacare will force them to continue working longer, a survey of 2,000 working Americans from personal finance company found. Just 17 percent of respondents said that the health-care law will allow them to retire earlier than expected.  Of the third who believe Obamacare will push back their retirement, 39 percent expect to retire more than five years later.”

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Least Convincing Immigration Sob Story Ever

“Today’s Times features “Advocates Seek to Make Courthouses Off Limits for Immigration Officials,” a tale of the immigration agent’s boot stamping on the immigrant’s face forever. Except that the advocates in question apparently couldn’t find a suitable protagonist, because the one they offered up to the Times reporter doesn’t evoke a lot of sympathy. Here’s how it starts: “Rosario Socope, a Guatemalan immigrant in the country illegally, had an unwelcome surprise waiting for her when she attended a pretrial hearing on a felony charge at a courthouse in Brooklyn this month. As she stepped out of the courtroom into a public hallway, she was approached by immigration agents seeking to deport her….’ The phrases the anti-borders crowd want you to notice are “spread fear” and “profound civil rights implications,” but the ones that jump out are “in the country illegally” and “pretrial hearing on a felony charge.”

This story would be pretty funny if it weren’t so scary.  Check it out.


VA Scandal Grows As Bonuses Went To Worst Hospitals

“The Veterans Affairs Department health care scandal has deepened in recent days, with new revelations of incompetent management and misplaced spending priorities, including millions of dollars paid out in bonuses at the very hospitals where services were the worst. Last week, VA secretary Eric Shinseki tried to bring closure to the scandal by firing the VA undersecretary of health, Dr. Robert Petzel, and filling the position with Dr. Jeffrey Murawsky — the director of VA’s Great Lakes Health Care System in Winchester, Ill. Since 2009, Murawsky had oversight responsibility of the Edward Hines VA Hospital in Cook County, Ill. But Freedom of Information Act requests by Illinois-based watchdog group Open the Books reveal that the VA spent millions on bonuses during the last three years at Hines…. Five veterans died waiting for care at Hines.”

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